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As our motto suggests we give weightage to the quality of work done and for the same purpose we have different processes involved like internally we have a quality department that work towards seeing that the work is done to the utmost standard. By practise our internal inspection is carried out by our quality department before the inspection call is sent to the supplier for final inspection. As we do a lot of work for other companies such as BEC, Tata Projects Ltd, Beekay Engineering, Bevcon Wayors etc we have to give our utmost importance to the quality being carried out and since a lot of external inspection is done by different specialised companies like Mecon, TUV, Danielli, Cet, Bureau Veritas etc who have set a benchmark in the field of quality so we can easily say that we have maintained our quality throughout and we will keep doing it in the future as well. The process that we follow to ensure the above is as follows

  1. Raw material marking
  2. Raw material cutting
  3. Welding (Black Inspection after completion of welding)
  4. Blasting
  5. Painting (Final Inspection before packing)
  6. Packing
  7. Loading

Also as a part of our policy we get different tests related to quality like non destructive testing, Die penetration testing etc done from companies who specialize in test like these ao that there is no scope of error or complaint for the same.

Quality Test